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Emarei® MR Conditional Safety Tools & Sets


We are designing and manufacturing MR Conditional Tool Sets from Titanium. Copper, Brass and Stainless Steel for the worldwide application where non-magnetic tools are required. All tools are MR Safety tested.  Find more information on www.emarei.info

Emarei® Non-Sparking ATEX Safety Tools & Sets


For the application in hazardous areas and working environment with combustible gases, powders or liquids, we are engineering ATEX-tool and tool sets for worldwide application. The tools are BAM, TÜV and GS certified.  Find more information on www.emarei.info  

SPINCAS® Nuclear Spin Cardiology Training System

MRI Cardiac Phantom SPINCAS®, PT version II

With the Cardiology department of the university of Munster, Prof. A. Yilmaz, we developed the MRI Cardiac Phantom for the rtMRI examination and therapy of the human heart. A market launch of the system is planned for end of 2019: www.spincas.com

PD® Components and Magnets


We are offering in a large scale fixing components and neodymium- magnets on Amazon and E-Bay. The components are made from titanium, brass, stainless steel, and range from cap-, wing- and hex nuts to different washers, screws and pins.

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KS - Cooling and air conditioning for MRI


Another special expertise we developed within the last 19 years is cooling of Medical Equipment whereas we need to mention especially MRI Cooling and Air Conditioning. We are cooperating with KS Kälte-, Klima und Lüftungstechnik GmbH, Bad Kreuznach, Germany

Contact: info@ingdaum.com Phone +49 (0) 2583-3006590  

Interflex® RF Shieling for MRI Scan Rooms

Interflex Medizintechnik Logo

As we do have our core competencies in the medical field, we are also aiming to closeley cooperate with manufacturers of RF shielding and MRI scan room architecture and design. We are officially cooperating with Interflex Medizintechnik GmbH, Ulm, Germany

 Contact: info@ingdaum.com Phone +49 (0) 2583-3006590 

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Telcom Shelter Cooling Solutions

Coolsure - Energy Saving - uninterruptable Telecom Cooling Solutions.

E-Mail us info@ingdaum.com or call +49-(0)2583-3006590 for more information, price requests and availability.


Small DataCenter for KMU

We are offering solutions for small and medium sized companies (KMU) as well as cooling solutions for large data center.  

E-Mail us info@ingdaum.com or call +49-(0)2583-3006590 for more information, price requests and availability. 

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